BDMA at Bellerbys

BDMA at Bellerbys

22nd January 2018 Uncategorised 0

The Brighton Digital Media Academy (BDMA) have partnered up with Bellerbys College to deliver a practical skills training unit to make music videos in collaboration with British and Irish Modern Music (BIMM) artists.  This is a BDMA subcontracted service to Bellerbys and Erik Selby, who is one of our BDMA industry tutors, is running the sessions.

Last term three classes at Bellerbys worked for 10 weeks to produce music videos and the ones selected below are the highest quality versions as chosen by the teachers at the College. The Bellerbys students come up to BIMM at Brighton Aldridge Community Academy (BACA) to see a number of artists and then choose the ones they wish to make music videos for – it is a truly collaborative project.

Fiona Adams, BDMA Industry Partners Manager at BACA relates, “all of the videos were extremely well shot and thought through. The use of visual effects was outstanding giving every video a professional and well-finished feel. I can tell that each group worked diligently as a team to produce these pieces.”

The head of curriculum and assessment for BIMM, Daniel Latham, says, “They are incredible. They are all so individual too! Certainly showing off just how creative they are. Group 3’s could literally be an advert for Brighton!”

This term the BDMA has two more classes at Bellerbys doing the same unit, and are looking forward seeing to their creative and innovative videos.

Here are four videos that most made an impression on the tutors:

Alesia Auramenka for TARA Productions (Group 1)
Aisyah Mohd Razip for Seasalt Productions (Group 1)
Karen Kang (Group 2)
Renee Luo (Group 3)

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