Work Experience Programme

BDMA offers a bespoke work experience programme in collaboration with our industry partners.  All Year 12 BDMA students get the opportunity to apply for, and go through an interview process for, a wide selection of digital media work placements.

It is vital for young people to have the opportunity to gain work experience to enable them to access the industry.  This summer we have 17 x 1 week placements on offer with our partners including: Ricochet; Relentless; Latest TV; Thoughtshift; Jollywise; Sitevisibility; Brightwave; Pragmatic Web; Propellernet and Maker Club.

Here are some quotes from the companies that we work with and the BDMA students about their opinions of the work experience process.

‘It’s been really surprisingly interesting – students don’t always know what best to do, so it’s great to help their future careers – and really good to have intelligent conversations.’ Brandwatch – BDMA Work Experience Interviews.

‘We found BDMA students all really engaged and really interesting – keen and eager to chat.’ Brilliant Noise – BDMA Work Experience Interviews.

‘These are my first ever interviews and it’s been a really good experience – feel pretty good now.’ Yr 12 Media Student.

‘The interview wasn’t pressured – they were really nice and it felt chilled.’  Yr 12 Media Student.

‘The work exerience interviews were so much better than I expected – I really want this job now.’  Yr 12 Media Student.